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earth1 Magnesium Oil Spray 250ml

Earth1 Magnesium oil is organically harvested from Australian Salt Lakes and Oceans.  Each batch of our magnesium goes through a full chemical analysis to ensure our product is of the highest standard and has the highest concentration of magnesium chloride.  In fact our magnesium content is as high as 30%.  We do not reconstitute magnesium flakes by adding water.  Nor do we dilute our product with water.   One Teaspoon or 5ml of earth1 Magnesium oil delivers approximately 1950mg of magnesium chloride or 497mg of elemental magnesium onto the skin.


Created in Australia in accordance with good manufacturing practise, under a quality system that complies with ISO 9001.  This process has also given our Magnesium oil approval from the BFA as a registered product and is licensed as a Product of Australia.


Magnesium oil is actually magnesium chloride and is considered by many as one of the most powerful medicinal products in the world.  Magnesium oil, even though it has an oily texture is not actually an oil.  Oil, however is still the correct word, not only because you can use it topically as a lubricant to transform simple massages into a medical treatment, but also because it acts as an oil for almost all physiological processes in the body. What oil does for an engine, magnesium oil will do for your body.


Once considered a home remedy for many day to day ailments, magnesium use has attributed to decreasing stress levels, sustaining a sense of well-being and improving one’s sleep. More recent studies have shown that magnesium may also increase performance levels, improve skin quality, and even decrease hypertension and diabetes levels.  Magnesium is an essential element in the natural detoxification and self-cleansing responses of the body

earth1 Magnesium Oil Spray 250ml

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  • Application and Usage

    earth1 Magnesium oil is a transdermal magnesium supplement, designed to deliver magnesium through the skin.

    Magnesium oil should be applied topically. Simply dispense 1-3 sprays into a cupped hand, or directly onto desired area then rub into the skin thoroughly.

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